dafter than a syphilitic polecat

i'm leah and im a ROCK IT man
i like homestuck and dumb metal and alternative music and birds mean a whole lot to me yknow

things i like right now that you will most likely see on this blog:
-shingeki no kyojin/attack on titan
-millenium (the girl with the dragon tattoo)
-music (i mostly blog marilyn manson and classic rock/metal)
-pretty things
-cute things
-a lot of nintendo, specifically pokemon, legend of zelda, and animal crossing
-movies i like
-comics i like
(i try to tag everything!!)
about my great self
my favorite posts (favourite if you're a lousy brit)
my favorite blogs and my friends
my face and also relatable posts
concerts i've been to!!
my list of anime??

i can’t wait until i die and i’m like at the gates of heaven and then jesus is like “oh nope you can’t come in because you liked marilyn manson when you were like 10 off to hell you go woop”

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